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REINPO RETAIL celebrates the 3rd Steering Committee in Drama


Last May 30th and 31st 2012, REINPO RETAIL partners met in Drama for the celebration of the 3rd Steering Committee, which was hosted by the Chamber of Commerce of Drama and attended by partners from all countries involved in the project:  France, Greece, Italy and Spain.

During the SC, which was opened by the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Drama, UNINETTUNO presented the draft of the REINPO RETAIL Platform, which will be completely done by the end of June, while partners will be working on the selection of innovative agents and good practices in the retail sector.

In addition, the Chambers of Commerce presented the development of their pilot projects on the five thematic areas: marketing and communication, green commerce, energy efficiency, ICT good practices and conceptual innovation, which will be analyzed and monitored by the UIP.

Finally, the CCI of Heraklion presented the methodology for the Innovation Map in the retail sector, which will collect information on retail from partners at regional level and will be, together with the Innovation Guide, the basis of the Green Paper on Retail that will be, from September on, presented at national and European level in events such as the OPEN DAYS in October 2012.