Monthly Archives: November 2011

ReinpoRetail project participates in the MED Programme annual event


The event took place at the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona the past 19th of October 2011. This year, the program’s presidency goes to Spain under the subject “SMART GROWTH AND THE MED PROGRAMME”. Thus, focusing on the different aspects of innovation in the MED Programme.

The ceremony’s development was recreational and interactive. There was an exchange area to meet and leave comments on a wall about project ideas, proposals and opinions for more innovation in the MED but also an area to exchange contacts and arrange meetings. Moreover, each participant had a badge with his field of interest (represented by three different colours) and depending on it they will discuss and comment about current and future innovation themes in the Mediterranean, about the future of the MED Programme, Smart growth and the other pillars of the EU 2020 Strategy.

The event was also the occasion to share experiences and ideas about the progress and capitalization of strategic projects approved in the frame of the first strategic Call. Finally, after the lunch, the next call was presented. It will revolve around innovation in renewable energies and will be launched at the end of the year.