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1st Reinpo Retail Steering Committee to be held in Naples in July 2011.


Next July 7th 2011, the Chamber of Commerce of Naples will host the first Partner Meeting in the frame of the Reinpo Retail Project, to which partners from the whole partnership are expected to participate in order to deal with all the management and technical issues related to the project.

After the press conference organized in the morning, the Chamber of Commerce of Castellón will make a review of the advance state of the project, focusing on the main technical aspects of the project: the pilot projects and the Reinpo Retail platform, inviting those partners in charge of pilot projects to present the pilot projects their organizations will be implementing in the frame of the project.

The meeting will continue with a revision session of management aspects such as the reporting and expenditure certification tasks and other financial and accounting issues and will close with a study visit to the Antico Borgo Orefici and a welcome dinner.